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Mattress Cleaning & Sanitizing Business System

Are you looking for a great home based business opportunity with very low start-up cost and little or no competition? A business that allows you to grow at your own pace while providing a much needed service? Mattress cleaning and UV services are one of the fastest growing businesses in the US today and I can show you how to capitalize on this opportunity.

Start Your Mattress Sanitizing Business for $500 or less!

Our NEW e-book shows you step by step how to start this business for under $500. Everything you need to know to start and operate your business including:

  • How to sell your services to hotels, B&B's and vacation rentals
  • Selecting the best equipment
  • Pricing your services for maximum profits
  • Marketing your services to the consumer market
  • How to get FREE advertising
  • A lot more...

There are companies currently selling UV mattress cleaning business opportunities for $5,000 - $10,000. You don't have to spend nearly that much to start this business and I will show you how.

UV Clean Pros has been helping entrepreneur's start and operate profitable UV mattress cleaning businesses since 2006. This is not a franchise. You pay no franchise fees or royalties. You keep 100% of the profits.

Why start a UV mattress cleaning business?

1. Huge untapped commercial and residential market - The market for this business is unlimited. Every hotel, condo and home in your area needs your services. All mattresses, carpets and furnishings have dust mites which creates a huge opportunity for you.

2. The hospitality industry desperately needs this service! Hotels, motels, resorts, B&B's and cruise ships are all potential clients. Hypoallergenic guest rooms are the latest trend in the hospitality industry. You can be the solution provider that will allow them to increase their customer loyalty and their bottom line. Sign up a few hotels on a yearly contract and you'll be earning a substantial income year after year!

3. Repeat Business - Every client you have will need your services on a regular basis. This means long term financial stability. Once your customers see what's living in their mattress they will become life long customers.

4. Little or No Competition! - Imagine being the only dealer in your area to offer these much needed services. When you own a specific market you can expand your business quickly and reap the rewards. Put a team of people together and let them make money for you. There are no limits!

5. Grow at your own pace - You don't have to quit your current job to get started. Work the business part time until your income exceeds your current income. It won't take long!

6. Green Eco-Friendly Business - Our sanitizing process is 100% chemical free and ozone free. We use an all natural process that's environmentally friendly.

7. Multiple Revenue Streams - Don't settle for programs that only offer mattress cleaning. Our complete business package allows you to generate income from cleaning: